lately ive been glued to my job intensely that ive been working almost 14 hours a day for the past two weeks. updating backlogs, beating deadlines and preparing for the auditor’s annual examination on my work. handling taxpayer’s money is not an easy task i tell u. and that’s the reason i havent been able to go home for the past weeks. not to mention the lack of sleep that eyebags and pimples are starting to develop on my perfect face.char! hate those!

anyhow, the reason behind is the bulk of work i have to finish is just crazy. and obviously one person is not enough to do it all in time for the deadlines of so many reports on month end. i don’t want to complain coz it might create a negative perception on my part, anyways my superiors already know about this and i don’t want to reiterate the problem to my boss’s face. i can do it, i just need time!

whatever happened to personnel hiring? too much bureaucracy in the system maybe. or there is just a shortage of filipinos who doesnt have csc eligibility that they dont qualify for government service? as far as i know there were like 10 of us who processed our employment requirements last year yet only 5 of us were given appointments. the unfortunate 5 others would have been a great help for the much undermanned bureau.

our work here is a very sensitive one coz this involves collecting taxes for the economy of our country to keep running (hopefully taxes collected really goes to the economy and not to the pockets of the few..bad, really bad!). thats why were always under public scrutiny. moreso, some if not all people have always had a negative perception on us working in the bureau. maybe its because of their past dealings with the office or just the media hype that has to do with this, however not all revenuers are corrupt. especially me! that i can proudly say to your face. what frustrates me is the common notion of people that when you’re part of the bureau you’re already part of the system. its just not true. we all have a choice and we know what’s good or not.

prior to my entry as a public servant last year, i also applied for work with a bank (now the biggest in the country). i was interviewed by the department head and here’s the excerpt of that interview.

interviewer: do you have other applications with other companies?

me: yes maam. im only waiting for my appointment with the bureau.

interviewer: *kinda sarcastic* do you really want to be a part of the system? or you want to change the system? mind you, the system is very huge for just one man to change.

me: *silent for a while* just keeping my options open,  maam. be it in your bank or not, its still public service for me and that’s the important thing. with regards to the system, i dont have a comment on that.

actually that question led me to think not only twice but really many times [not to mention the sleepless nights] on what to choose. she might be right with the system, however my capacity to be a good public servant was questioned and it kinda hurt my ego. the choice really was really mind boggling. yet choosing between 2 jobs is kinda fun though because not that many people have the luxury opportunity that im confronted with.

in the end, i chose the bureau and i think i made the right decision..because im happy with my job. busy as always but happy.


Eto na yata ang pinaka magandang picture na nakuha ng cellphone ko sa boracay. D ba ang senti? Tumutulo luha ko while kinukuha ko yang picture na yan. Char! Anu ba? Eh nasa senti mode ako ng mga times na yan. Kaya walang kukontra ok? hehehe

Next line na tayo…

Di ba obvious na paborito ko ang boracay? hehehe..May mga poems na ka-ekekan pa akong ginawa tungkol sa lugar na to. Anyway, paboritong lugar ko talaga to noon pa. Halos twice or thrice a year ako pumunta rito. With friends or family, basta bonding time namin. Syempre enjoy to the max kmi. Island hopping, tour sa isla, photoshoot kahit saan at ang walang kasawang-sawa na night out.Hay! miss those days..


Pero ngayon…

Mag-isa na lng ako pumupunta sa bora. Indi 2x o 3x a year, pero weekly! Every monday pa. Bakit? Kasi dun na ako nka base. Nung una eh super excited ko, eh sino ba naman hindi ma eexcite  nyan ha? Ang sarap kaya ng buhay dun. Yun ay pag nagbabakasyon lng. Iba naman pala pag nagwowork na dun. na realize kaagad? hehehe.. Ewan ko ba ba’t dun pa ako inasign ng company namin.

Ang bora ay pang bakasyon lamang…

From monday to friday ay di na ako mkalabas ng office kasi ang daming work. Minsan hanggang gabi pa nga. Wala ka naman magagawa kasi trabaho yan eh. Pag mag quit ka, wla na..tapos na ang lahat ng pinaghirapan..start at the bottom mahirap yun!

Find time to relax din naman…

Kaya nga nakakakuha pa ako ng mga pictures tulad nito:

DSC00004 DSC00016 DSC00007 DSC00046

Syempre find time din para magrelax especially pag weekends na d ako umuuwi. Kakapagod din naman kasi magbyahe ng 6 hours noh. Tapos balik ka naman pag monday. Para kang nalantang gulay nyan..hehehe

I love my work naman kasi kaya ayokong i-give up to. Work at bakasyon pwede naman pla pagsabayin. San kpa makakakita ng ganyan? D bah? Kaya enjoy-enjoy na lng..

our singapore trip..part 2!

DSC00604at takashimaya..sosyal na mall to..kita mo naman sa fountain pa lng..hehe

DSC00609at the bus..going to our night tour..

DSC00583chillax at the marina square..every corner may mall yata dun..ano bah?!

DSC00567night safari..nice place!

DSC00596at the merlion’s mouth..whahah

yung ibang pix d na pwede ipost..waah!

our trip to singapore..thank God there’s no swine flu there..hehehe

DSC00597using the falls as a backdrop..hehehe..just below the famous Merlion at Sentosa Island..

DSC00553 Standing just outside our hotel in Bencoolen St..

DSC00557the biggest ferris wheel ever..hehehe..picture lng..ayokong sumakay.. @ the cable car going to sentosa island..scarry!

DSC00578that’s why this it’s called the garden city..

more pix to come.. 🙂

Calm waves wash ashore

Morning breeze lingers in the air

Beautiful sunshine color the sky

Humming birds everywhere.

Trees sway with the air

Colorful vintas set sail

The sand is as white as ever

Real paradise like you’ve never seen anywhere.

The sound of the waves still linger in my memory

Like a sweet scent that will not go away

Relexing every stress-liden muscle on my body

And rejuvenating my static soul almost immediately.

For quite a while this has been my therapy

Basking on the sand and contemplating on life as it should be

So peaceful yet extremely lively.

But hey, its all meant to be.

Ever felt that you wanted to quit doing what you normally do, as if you’ve grown tired of the world? Or you just want the world to stand still, listen to you for a change, plain and simple. I do and for some reason, I just felt that what I’m doing with my life is not what I really want my life should be. I’m happy but not extremely happy with my life, because I let other people dictate what I should be doing. I’m too sensitive to what others may think or feel if I should do anything extraordinary or beyond the norms of what is acceptable to the society. I’ve been like this since God knows when and I just want to change. Still being a respectable and dignified individual but with the strength and courage to do what my heart tells me to achieve. I know in my heart that I can do more and achieve more if only I’ve been a risk taker and not just someone who has been playing safe all these years. I’ve always envied those who have the courage to do what they think will make them happy yet never felt less of a man they used to be.

So what does it take to change?

Got to have faith. Belief in one’s self could be the biggest driving force of a man to achieve his goals as long as he works only to whatever he thinks is achievable.

A lot of support. This boosts your inner strength and will power. Knowing that all your friends and family is behind your back is such a wonderful feeling and a very good energy booster.

Fallback plan. Its always best to be prepared and have a second choice if ever the first one is not working according to plans. In this way, failing may not be as painful as what it may seem.

Prayer. When everything else fails, you know who to turn to.

Am I making sense here? I don’t know..hehehe..but one thing’s for sure, whatever my decisions with my life right now, is geared towards a transformation of a better me. One who is unafraid, courageous, ambitious, strong-willed and purpose-driven (huh?! hehehe).

Im back! as if you’ve really missed me..hehehe..

Its been so long since i’ve updated my site but here i am..voala! ola! hehehe..we’ll the reason is that i was quite busy for some time..adjusting to my new work, new environment, new place and people to work with..not to mention learning the local language..hahay! life’s getting busier nowadays and harder to keep track..

anyways ive mentioned that i have a new job right now..not a glamorous one like the in-thing right now, just a normal office work with an 8 am to 5 pm schedule..hehehe..yes im back with government service and this time its hopefully for life! and what’s interesting is i am assigned to a place where some people would kill for, just to be there..where else? in boracay of course! i was so excited at first upon learning that my place of assignment will in “paradise” and became busy imagining what my life would be there..basking in the sand, watching the sun set and even the sun rise..toink!

after a week of staying there, i was kinda tired of all the sand and sea and the multi-nationals im encountering everyday..i never thought i could get tired of being there in one of my favorite could be that the excitement finally flowed out of my system and realization but took its place.

as for my work, i am enjoying a lot..though its hard at first and there’s a lot to do and memorize..but eventually im getting the hang of it ..hopefully.. that im enjoying it as much as im enjoying my stay in bora..its quite rewarding actually..hehehe